Why Us

Both advocates and counselors

There are many ways to protect and manage intellectual property. Effective representation requires both tireless advocacy and prudent counsel. Our attorneys have the technical and legal expertise to fight effectively for our clients, but with the knowledgeable perspective honed by years of extensive practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to provide sound practical guidance for our clients.

Technical expertise to match legal expertise

Our attorneys have backgrounds covering the major science and engineering disciplines. Most were established engineers before they were attorneys. We understand what we advocate.

Professionals who take service very personally

How a patent is written, and how it is prosecuted through the patent office matters. For that reason, not all patents that could be gotten on an invention are the same. The skill and care with which it is written and prosecuted are critical to a patent’s legal force. We take the time to listen carefully to our clients and thoroughly understand the inventive technology so that what we present and prosecute at the patent office is quite simply the client’s very best.

While there are notable differences with trademark and copyright matters, our unwavering commitment to handle each matter with utmost skill and personal care remains the same.